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About Us

In 1948. The founder is a tea expert, since he was born in a tea manufacturing family and was trained with the knowledge about tea since he was a child. With the year goes by, the tea business has been spread to USA, Canada, Australia, and France. The founder's wife had suffered from diabetes. Except for the diabetic medication, there is no other ways to control her condition. Therefore, the founder keens himself to research and finally invented detotherapy teas to improve his wife's condition.

The Founder Family in front of the tea factory

The founder had been researched many traditional Chinese medicine pharmacopoeias and Compendium of Materia Medica (The Compendium of Materia Medica is regarded as the most complete and comprehensive medical book ever written in the history of traditional Chinese medicine.), he finally invented "De-tox guava tea" which is blended by green tea and guava fruits and leaves which has been very popular in Hong Kong for over 30 years. The founder hopes that the natural detotherapy teas he invented are not only helping his wife, but also helping anyone who has the similar problem in the world.

Because our experience with tea processing has been over half-century, we are well acquainted with health elements and knowledge in our lives. Besides doing regular exercises, drinking organic herbal teas is a good way for being healthy. Our manufactory has successfully meeting standard and obtained the Organic certification since 2009. We maintain the quality of our products according to the top standard of inspection in the world. We blended various flavoured and healthy tea based on principle of Tea Therapy (Detotherapy). Nowadays, our products are manufactured in Hong Kong and growing in number of sale in local and oversea market including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, France, USA, Canada and Australia.

We respect the ecological balance of the natural and care about the environmental conservation. Our next step is supporting "Fairtrade" which manufacturer can receive reasonable profit. It allows manufacturer to take care of the tea plantation well, protect the natural environment in order for the consumer to receive quality assurance herbal tea products. Through the internet, we hope to spread our spirit and products to more people who care about the value of health, and drink our all natural herbal tea products. Let us protect your health, and reach the goal of returning to natural, becoming more health and improving chronic diseases. Enjoy a healthy life.



The founder is a tea expert, since he was born in a tea manufacturing family


Cooperation with French customers. Our products entering the European market


Entering the Canada and the United States market.


Entering the Australian market.


Shenzhen and Shanghai branch established. Explore the Mainland China market.


Detox-guava Tea products reached a new high global sales Over 80,000 boxes are sold


Successfully transform to organic factory. Organic products are sold around European countries and North America, the amount of products reached the highest record.


China Tea applied for fair-trade certificate. Started selling both fair trade + organic products